Another eight days till April's over. One step closer to A2 finals which isn't something I'm looking forward to but I'll live with it. I just had my two weeks break today being the last day. I'm quite excited to go back to college though quite a big part of me dreads going for classes. Trials were somewhat disappointing, I guess but it was my fault. I was caught up with dance and everything that I put studying on hold. That's something I won't ever do again. But anyway, the holidays have been great! I caught up with friends, went out, read and write to my heart's desire and I studied as much as I could.

The sad thing is my pile of past year papers that need to be completed seems like they'll never end and I'm not even kidding. I'll try to finish it anyway.

In a month and a week, I'll be officially done with college and by August, I'll probably start uni. Time flies when you're slogging around in college and having fun reading at home, I think. It isn't a bad thing. I actually want to get to uni and get started on medical school. One step closer to becoming a surgeon, you know? It really ticks me off when someone tells me to rethink my career choice because they either think I don't have what it takes or that it'll be too demanding and boring. That's for me to decide, no?

Things have been going good. There was a point where I was so exhausted and stressed that I was on the verge of giving up, not that I did though. I don't think I have it in me to give up entirely. I might give up at some point but I'll pick myself up and get going again. Anyway, things are a bliss at the moment. I'm happy and I feel content AND I feel good about myself. What's there to mope about? I'm always getting migraines though and it's bothersome. I feel crippled when I get a migraine cause I lose the desire to do anything but sleep which isn't a good thing seeing how finals are so close. I don't have time to waste by sleeping my life away.

Moving on! Vampire Diaries will be the death of me. It breaks my heart and puts it together again only to break it into even more pieces than it did before. CAN'T YOU JUST MAKE UP YOUR MIND, ELENA? This frustration is something I cannot handle. Just what do you think you'll achieve by snogging Damon senseless? Why don't you snog Stefan senseless too? At least my heart won't break so much. Team Jeremy for not supporting Delena! Not that I'm hating on Delena fans. I don't condone ship wars.

I'll be off now! I think I took the weekend pretty lightly. Just did a little Math here and there. Maybe I'll do another paper after this. Or maybe I'll read. Or write. I don't know. I can't tell the future cause if I could, I'd probably be a witch and would have studied in Hogwarts and right now, I  would be training to be a Healer in St Mungo's. Seeing how I'm still doing A Levels, yeah, I can't tell the future and I'm most definitely not a witch (doesn't stop be from imagining though.) Anyway, till next time! (:



"Some people bring out the worst in you, others bring out the best, and then there are those remarkably rare, addictive ones who just bring out the most. Of everything. They make you feel so alive that you'd follow them straight into hell, just to keep getting your fix."
- Karen Marie Moning


Spot on, love.

Yes, that is a cow I'm holding. Yes, that's a crab on Ain's head. Yes, both belongs to me. Actually, the right term would be belonged. I used to have to many soft toys. I had multiple pigs, a dog, a Snoopy thing and a few others on top of those in the picture. I only have my lion now though. I'll stay true to my lion.. until I get a bigger and cuter lion. 

Then I'll have two lions! :D

Day 1 of trials has officially begun. I think Chem killed my entire mojo for trials. Not kidding. I'm not sure why but I guess it's because Chem has always been my strongest subject in college and if I feel like I messed up the paper, what's going to happen to the rest of my subjects? Just because my definition of messed up is someone else's definition of pretty good, it doesn't mean I didn't mess up. I have my own standards to reach and if I messed up by my own standards, I messed up. That's it. No further argument.

Gah, I feel so demotivated now. 

On a lighter note, I have a two week holiday coming up! Obviously it won't be much of a holiday since A2 finals are just around the corner but maybe I'll take two days off to do things that do not involve revision books and past year papers. Oh! I'll make a list. I love lists :B
  1. Watch Lord of The Rings and actually finish it without falling asleep.
  2. Watch a movie in the cinema cause God knows I've been movie deprived.
  3. Play the piano until my neighbours hunt me down and drive a stake through my chest.
  4. SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP cause the eyebags I have are bigger than Jupiter.
  5. Study for A2.
That's just my two week holiday list. My things to do after A2 list would be ten times longer! Yeah I didn't include any reading in the list above cause we all know that once I start reading, I won't stop. I'll ignore the entire world, doesn't matter who you are, I'll ignore you unless you're about to die cause reading just does things to me. So I will not risk reading anything besides revision books until A2 it over.

Now it's back to making out with my lovely Biology books. Speaking of making out with books, I got a paper cut on my lip. I wasn't making out with my books, mind you. I'm just a walking accident.

One down, seven to go. (: